Why Choose Downtown Dogs?


For most dog owners, choosing a facility to care for their four-legged family member can be a difficult decision. You want to know that when you can't be at home that your dog will have a place to go that is safe.  You want to know that he'll be well taken care of and that someone is there providing the love and attention that you're unable to, while you're away.

Since 1998, Downtown Dogs has provided just such a place.  We're so much more than a "storage facility" for dogs; we actively interact and build relationships with all the dogs in our care.  We know that every dog, just like us humans, has a unique personality and a specific set of needs.  Our experienced staff is trained to recognize these many different personalities to help ensure that we provide the best possible experience for each of our canine clients. Our facility is designed for both our clients and the dogs we care for.


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