1:1 Enrichment Activities

Downtown Dogs offers unique 1:1 activities each week, that can be added on to your dog's daycare activities. During these sessions, you pup will receive personalized one-on-one attention from staff. Some of these engaging and physically stimulating activities encourage dogs to improve their comprehension on a variety of basic obedience commands, while others introduce your dog to new ways of exercising and staying healthy.

3D Stay
Ideal for dogs who require some extra practice in learning the "stay" command. With this activity, a staff member practices "stay" with your dog utilizing the 3 D's: distance, duration, and distraction. Each new element helps strengthen your dog's understanding of "stay."

An introductory agility course where your dog will explore agility staples such as the high jump, tunnel, and wobble board.

Heeling Games
Does your dog need a little practice with the "heel" command? Heeling Games utilize a variety of exercises to help your dog learn that heeling and loose leash walking is the BEST kind of walking!

K9 Fitness
K9 Fitness helps keep your dog's muscles in tip top shape! This personal training session will help strengthen your dog's legs, core, balance, and focus.

Dogs have powerful sniffers they use daily to understand the world around them. Why not make use of such an amazing skill? Nosework teaches your dog to exercise that nose (and their problem solving skills) to find treats in a variety of hiding places.

Short for "rally obedience," Rally-O is a challenging obstacle course where your pup's skills are put to the test! Numerous stations are set up, each with its own command and goal.

Sit to Greet
If your dog loves jumping up to greet new people, our "Sit to Greet" activity is a fantastic way of teaching them that sitting is the optimal hello. Two staff members work together to help your dog learn that good things come to those who sit.